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Roaster or no roaster

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On the subject of pulled pork... kind of new to the game, have done some loins etc. for just me and my family.  New Baby's Baptism on Sunday.  Was planning on smoking a bone-in butt, 9.5lbs. for the extended family (15 or so), have it done by tomorrow night, pull it, put in roaster in fridge overnight and plug it in Sunday morning.  Momma needs help getting stuff ready before church Sunday morning so didn't figure she would want me out tending to the meat.  Any opinions on my thought process?  will it dry out too much if I try to do it this way???


I would also like to hear opinions on using the liquid pan on my Brinkman.  Worth it or not?

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I'd make sure you have plenty of drippings or some other liquid when you store it in the roaster, to keep it moist while warming it up,Pulled pork can dry out, so keep it moist,

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You will be fine with that plan if you add a little juice. I would add apple juice or a finishing sauce and mix it in before reheating. Heres a link to a very good finishing sauce it makes the pork even better.



Have a great smoke!!!!


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Thanks for the help Florida and California, Nebraska appreciates the input!  Put the butt on at about 4:30 Saturday morning, was at 180 when I took it off at 5:30 Saturday night.  Had an event to go to that night so I put it in the oven with some water and apple juice in a foil covered pan at 200 degrees.  Took it out when we got home at 10:00, pulled it and refrigerated overnight.  Warmed it up Sunday morning in crock pots and it was the best I ever had!  My Dad has been smoking for several years and when he started asking how / what I did, I knew it had done something right!


Thanks again, can't wait until my next experiment!!

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Well Im glad everything came out for you and you just some good advice form two of the best here so take it to heart now. Next time you need to learn about the Qview part of smoking. It's where you take pictures and post them too. Then your wife and friends will make fun of you for sharing the Qview. Now it's kind of a test to see if you are really into smoking meat like the rest of us here.

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