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I want to do a chuckie this weekend and I've been reading several posts on this site. I would like to make pulled chuckie sammies but not sure what temp I need to pull. Different posts on this site suggests different temps. Should I follow the same lines as a butt and go to 205*?  I definitely do not want the meat to be dry so I am also unsure if I need to foil at a certain temp or let go until I pull.


I apprecate all response.

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Same as butt except i'd only take to 195

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I have done chuckies two ways sliced and pulled. I normally like them sliced but the last one I did I took it to around 205 and there was no way I was slicing that baby it just fell apart and soo juicy. I foil mine once they hit around 165 and bring them up to 195-205 depending on if I am pulling or slicing (this goes for butts to) then throw them in the cooler with lots of foil and lots of towels for 1-2 hours. Good luck and enjoy your first chuckie. They are soooooo gooooooodddddddd.

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Yes basically you want to smoke your chuckie  the same way as your butts. I would foil it at 165° with some of your spritzing liquid added. Then take to about 195° for slicing and maybe 205° for pulling. yu'll need to keep it in the cooler for no less than one hour more if possible 2-3 is really good with that big IF. Then you should have some of the best pulled beef you have ever eaten too.

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Thanks for the reply's. Will post w/qview once completed. Probably will not cook until tomorrow or sunday so I will have time to inject and let rest over night.

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The chuckie came out ok. I pulled it at 205, however it was not pull apart tender. So I sliced it and put on the stove in some of it's own juice. Let it simmer for another hour or two. It was pretty tender and it had a good flavor, but not as good as a butt. I believe I have some pictures of the finished product, however my wife has the camara taking pictures of the grand baby.


Will try to post pictures later this evening.

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