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Couldnt wait till morning....

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Well fella's, my new smoker arrived today as planned.. put her together right after work and got some mowing done.

about 9 pm the urge to fire it up got to me, so me and the boy took a ride to walmart for some supplies. got ourselves

a rack of spares and some needed supplies (foil, spices, ect..) came home and trimmed them st. louis style, applied alittle mustard and rub. went out and fired up to new wsm. put about 3/4 full ring and about 9 lit on top with 3 oak chunks. it took about 45 min to hit 200 deg. i backed down the vents and put the ribs on at midnite. right now its holding right at 245deg. the little one had plans to stay up all nite with me and tend the meat. he''s sound asleep on the couch now.. haha. gonna flip them at 1:30am and foil them at 3am.. they should be ready around 6 when the wife gets up for work.. should be a good hearty breakfast. i hope!

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I know the feeling about not being able to wait till tomorrow on a new smoker


My 7 year old always wants to help.. he usually just helps me eat the snacks then he's out like a light. I really don't mind, I enjoy his company anytime I can get it.

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i hear ya jeff... he was so wound up but crashed quick!

hope the smoker isnt gettin to hot.. just checked now and its 255. i closed one vent and the other two are about 25%

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Take pics and post em when your done, I wouldnt mind waking up to some Qview ribs.  I have a 2.5 year old helper.  He loves the word fattie and is constantly making them in his play kitchen.  He also thinks its so fun to go out and check on the smoker.  Gotta love the little helpers.


Looking forward to the Qview,



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Yes the little helpers are just too cool. I'm looking for one of my grand kids to grow uop alittle more to get me a helper soon enough. Now the waiting thing is for the birds I have to be able to put my hands on it and use it that day. I hate to wait so thanks for living in a big enough town where I can find the stuff I want. If I buy a smoker I will be smoking very soon or I'll keep driving till I find the one I want. Period

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Congrats on the new smoker and I hope your assistant woke up before the smoke was over to keep ya company

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Thanks for all the words of encouragement guys. ill tell ya what, the wsm was very easy. that thing held between 225 and 250 for the whole smoke. then, it continued to stay there for an additional 3 hrs. i am very impressed with the results for being my fisrt ever smoke. cant wait to do some more.

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Can't blame ya one bit for lighting it up. Enjoy the helpers while you can, I am at the point where my helpers are the ones that stay up all night while I am the one taking naps. And trust me they let me hear about it all the time.

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