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mini smoker

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will sorry no pic of the build but here mine mini smoker still needs to be paint I'm loving these thing one load 3 or so hours of smoking       the cooking space is a 7.5 gal the fire box is a 5 gal tank

Jenny 034.JPGJenny 037.JPG

still trying to make a batter damper this one like to fall down

Jenny 036.JPG


Jenny 043.JPG

will i like water smoker so the reverse plate is flat with a 2'' lip  holds about a 2 liter

Jenny 038.JPG

had a bigger hold need to fill it in

Jenny 039.JPG

will I'm also just getting down the hold welding and cutting torch thing

Jenny 042.JPG

 will there it is  also have a bigger one to start my first one did not come out to what i had i mine  its  $$$ to run and its not good looking at all  ill try to take pic of the up coming build   in till then        SAWRFF    Scott Jenny 041.JPG

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well got some paint on this thing and did a new damper up to its looking good now here some pic 100_0254.JPG100_0255.JPG100_0256.JPG

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Lookin Good Scott,


That looks like it took some thought to make the fire box door work out. I like it. I gotta agree with ya on the size issue, I went from using my reverse to a drum and I am still amazed. There is a big difference to get used to only being able to cook 4 slabs instead of being able to fit 18. But I really like the light it and leave it method I am learning with the drum.


Not to criticize at all, just trying to offer a tip. It looks like you are using flux core wire, two things you can try.


1. Grab a can of cheep cooking spray and coat the area where you are going to weld.


2. Just clean the area right where the weld will be instead of a large area.


This will help keep the splatter from sticking, and what sticks will clean off pretty easy.

Again I am not in any way degrading your project. Just tryin to help out. When I first started welding with wire I had bad splatter and sometimes a piece of wire sticking out. I left it since it was inside and no one was going to see it. Bad deal there. I reached in the smoker for something and jammed that little piece of wire right under my fingernail. I hate it when I get hurt from something I caused.


Happy Smokes with the new rig.



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thx i will kept that in mine on the next 2 builds i have  bigger one then a trailer build i did not like my first one i made just to big   thx for the tips where will be Qview  tommor   got some ribs to do    

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Man oh Man that's a very cool smoker for sure. Then it works for the small stuff too. Too Cool

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well i have a pic of it going on and what is left over could not to eating for i would die   and my fringes would be gone it was goooooood 100_0258.JPG100_0260.JPG

ribs gone and the bird seen better days

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That is one cool little build! I'm sure your next ones will improve as you do more.

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well i did a pulled pork for my boys b-day 9 hour in the smoker 9 hour in the oven about 2.5 in a cooler Evans Party 004.JPG

no up close pic sorry   i also did a fatties to

Evans Party 002.JPG

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WOW thats a long time. How big was the pork?


And OMG that fattie makes me wanna go look for food.


Very nice job.

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thx man ya it was along time but the butt came off so gooood it was 9.8 pounder  iam loving mine mini smoker




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