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New Jerky Gun

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I've been making jerky for years and just sliced it and used soy sauce or a variety of sauces mad hatter style in the dehydrator. I just bought a jerky gun and actual jerky cure mix... Alright, here's my first attempt at ground beef flat jerky something. I mixed 7# of 85/15 and added some more spices and was still not enough. Half was in the dehydrator and half smoked with whiskey oak then finished in the oven. jerkgun.jpg



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Wow, that first pic is a money shot, congrats on your new toy. It's all good my friend.

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Great post - I too have one of the guns and love it

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What a cool idea! Man I love Jerky. Thanks for the post meateater.

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Nice looking jerky you have there.

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Nice shooting there.  I have a larger version in stainless and love it. 

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