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Smoking a ham...

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I bought about a 10lb cured, uncooked ham today and want to cook it in my WSM. Any suggestions for a good tender juicy smoked ham?

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Jeff had directions on smoking a ham on the old site but I have not looked for his directions on the new site. I will look around. What I did was slather it in mustard then apply a rub and smoke it at around 250 until it hit 165 internal temp. It was awesome!

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Here is a newsletter I wrote on the subject:




Here is a video on smoking a ham.. sorry about the dude giving the spill but his method is pretty decent


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some good ideas over here (including the link to Jeff's video) once you dig down into it:

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I found the video on YouTube.

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I just realized that you said cured but uncooked.. you will be looking at about 45 minutes per pound at 225 degrees  F.


You can use the same process as in the video however it will take longer and you will need to cook it to an internal temp of 160 degrees.

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Darn it Jeff.... I want the credit.

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Thanks guys. I will give a shot and let you know how it comes out...

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