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Newbie looking for smokin' advice...

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I've been using a gas unit for years now because of it's quick heat time as I often grill after getting home from work.  I recently bought the "Duo" from Char Griller ( so that I can use charcoal when I have more time on the weekends.  Even though I've used charcoal BBQs before, I've never used a smoker.  I noticed that Char Griller makes a side fire box for smoking (  Do I need an attachment like this for smoker chips to smoke meat in my new BBQ?  Can't I just keep the charcoal fire down low in the main unit with the smoke chips in it?  Not really sure how this works since I've never done this before.  I'm kind of at a loss, but I want to do it right.  Any help would be appreciated.



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Thank you for that good introduction, and welcome to the SMF. I moved your thread to roll call, so that everyone has the chance to greet you. I'm sure someone will be along soon to give you some good advise.I't all good my friend.

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Welcome to SMF glad you decided to join us. Congrats on the new combo unit. You can smoke with what you have now using the method you said however I personally think you'd find adding the side fire box to be easier and more convenient. Have fun and happy smoking

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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As long as you are able to create indirect heat.. no problem. It's not idea though. like Pineywoods said, the side firebox attachment for smoking will make it a lot  more user friendly.

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Welcome and good luck with your BBQ!


As a Chargriller owner I recommend that you get the side fire box for two reasons-

it will free up more space on the cooking grate for the food you're cooking and cooking indirectly in the main chamber will add to your cooking times because you keep opening the lid to add more fuel which causes a big drop in temp in the unit.



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