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Lemon cheesecake with strawberry sauce

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I love cheesecake. And cheesecake loves me. Especially my thighs. Cheesecake loves Squirrel thighs. But somehow I still find myself craving it and making it and devouring every last crumb of it. The worst thing about making a cheesecake is you have to wait about 24 hours before you can eat it. Trust me on this one. So, I made this cheesecake using Ina Garten's Berry Cheesecake Recipe off of Food network, I tweaked a couple of things, though.


I started by making a graham cracker crust, mixing some sugar and the crumbs then mashing them into a 9 inch spring form pan.




Then I went out to visit my girls, these girls, and there's one lucky guy his name is Pablo Picaso





and gathered up some of these, I did wash them off first, but I missed a spot or two of poo. If some people saw what the eggs really looked like they probably wouldn't eat them. They do come out of a place that's right next door to their hiney ya know. Anyway,




I then got me 2.5 pounds of cream cheese at room temp. mixed in 1.5 cups sugar, whipped it up for about 5 minutes till it was nice and fluffy. Then I added 5 large eggs and 2 large egg yolks, two at a time, stopped and scraped the sides and licked the spoon and my fingers.




I zested a really big fat lemon and got a little orange so it wouldn't be all lonely and one dimensional looking in my picture. Then I got some of this stuff and mixed it all in






Then I put it in the pan


baked it, ya know, some people have a big problem if their cheesecake gets a crack. I don't understand why, I mean we all have one. LOL! I crack me up! OMG stop!!!!




chilled it topped it and ate it. The END!!!






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Cheesecake for the win!


Excellent post and pics!

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Very nice!!! Looks delicious

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OMG I Love it Have it for my b/d every year but it's not home made looks really great and i'll bet it tasted great

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the last pic. drives me crazy



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OH MY GOD That looks so so so so so GOOD and I wish I was there to help you with that thing. I know what it does to you girl's thighs and all. I would take some of that off your hands. Now you really had me with the chocolate strawberries toooooooooooo.

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Congrats on being able to upload those pics, all the more for us to enjoy. That last pic is the money shot. Mouth

watering perfection. Thumbs up to you.

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Or is that Cheese.


That looks sooooo good Squirrel !


I love your little wit comments too. You fit in here real good.





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