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Price on Back Ribs

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I was pricing out back ribs today and the best I could get was the local pork meat plant. They kill 500-650 pigs a day and usually have great prices for pork ( but you have to buy in bulk). Today I ordered up a box of back ribs (net box weight is 6kgs or 13.2lbs) for $8.50/kg (I'm in Canada) which works out to $3.85/lb. That's 6 full sets of back ribs per box. I was curious what the price of back ribs are in other parts of the SMF globe.



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I paid $3.47/lb($7.63kilo) at Sam's Club last week. 3 weeks ago I paid $2.99/ lb for "All Natural" baby backs at the local Hannafords. This week they're $8.49/lb or $16.98/kilo. They had one rack priced at $25+, I paid $23 and change for a package of 3 at Sam's. 

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This time of the year, I can often find them on sale between 99¢ and .$2.99 lb. That's at local market chains. It can really vary in price and availability by location

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1.59 a pound for untrimmed st louis style at winco here in bakersfield CA...



edit: duh...i didnt read what kind of ribs you were referencing...please disregard my statement...

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fresh,  BB ribs are $2.99 - $3.29 in Chicagoland - these prices are for unenhanced, or fresh ribs.   "enhanced" ribs can be found for less, but I wont use them.

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