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I was just about out of pecan wood for the smokehouse/grill. Then earlier my good ol hunting buddy calls me up and tells me to ride up the road a few miles they cutting some trees. Needless to say I just scored a whole truck load of pecan logs. just gotta split em and let em dry up.


Back in business!



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Good job. A while back I got lucky also. Notice a pecan try across the street from a house with some fallin branches. As I was gathering them up noticed the house across the street had one with several branches in the yard. A little sleuthing and I found out the name of the owner and where he worked. He reminded me that it was in the mid 90's out and cutting up that wood would be hard work. Then he offered me a tree around the other side of his business. This was the biggest Pecan tree I had ever seen. Several nice size branches down. I am set for Pecan wood along with the 3 Cherry trees another neighbor brought me.

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dang. I wish I would've had my smoke house back during gustav, there were so many pecan trees down. I would have been set for life

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Hindsite is still 20/20 for everything it now just includes smoking. All we can do is what is in front of us now. You will find some more pecan for there's an awful lot of them trees around you.

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