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Delicious Tiger Sauced Party Wings with Q-view

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Hi all,


You all laying down some thin blue smoke on some nice cuts of meat? I hope you get the opportunity to. I didn't have a full day yesterday but enough to get something cooked.


I tried something I have not done before. I had some Caribbean Key Lime rub that Danson's sent me after they hosed me. (Long story) Anyway, it doesn't't taste that much like Key Lime but has a very good flavor. I thought it would go well with Tiger sauce on something. I was going to do beef but at the store I changed my mind and went with chicken. Party wings to be exact. Something easy to prepare and smoke.


I mopped the chicken parts with real butter. Gave them a dusting of garlic powder, McCormick's's vegetable seasoning, Louisiana Grills Caribbean Key Lime rub and some brown sugar. During the smoke I mopped them with Tiger Sauce a couple times. Once done I was really surprised ad how delicious they were. They were slightly sweet, tangy and spicy but none of these were over whelming. They were just right. The meat was moist and tender. The Tiger sauce didn't't burn like some do so they really had nice color when they came off the Treager. This is now my favorite way to prepare and cook wings. I can see now why Johnny Trigg adds Tiger Sauce (Butter, honey and brown sugar) when he foils his rib's.


HD Video of Smoke









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Looks like the theme of the day is wings. They look great.

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Good looking wings and a great video. I'll have to give them a try

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Looks good! i like tiger sauce so i will have to do some of those, i wont be getting that rub though, im too lazy to go order all that lol

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they look very good

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Now those wings look really good too. I really like your choices of seasonings and I like the caribbean seasonings too. I have a bunch of jerk seasoning that I use from Jamaica. 

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Thanks guys! Man I wish I made more...

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Wingman, thanks for sharing some great looking images of your smoke and Q too. It's all good my friend.

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Those look awesome nice job

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You make some fantastic posts, pics, and videos. I watch each one. Gave you a thumbs up rating

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Thumbs up here also.. Those look great.


I don't guess I have ever heard or tiger sauce. What's in it?

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jbg4208, Tiger Sauce can be found at most grocers in the sauce section. I know our Safeway and Albertsons carry it. Its a pretty tasty sauce.

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I too enjoy your videos Rob, thanks. I'm gonna check on that Tiger sauce too! Thanks!

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Thanks Wingman!

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