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My first Pork Butt. With Qview

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I did my first pork butt yesterday.  I used Apple and a little bit of Hickory.  It took about 10 hours to do at about 235.  I put a homemade Rub on it and then injected it with Apple Juice and Captain Morgan spiced rum.  After it got to 100 degrees I sprayed it with apple juice and Captain.  Smoked for 4 hours and then foiled.  Then let it rest for about 3 hours and it just feel apart when I pulled it.  Took a few sample bites and I was surprised with the taste figured my first one wouldn't be that good but turned out great.  Thanks to all you guys for putting the information on here for guys like me.IMG_1505.JPGIMG_1515.JPG

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looks really good.  how many pounds was the butt?

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Good color on your bark. What kinda smoker do you have?



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Glad it worked out for ya. it sure looks good

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great 1st butt, looks very moist

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It was a 10 ponder.  It was very moist everyone loved it at the party.  Got a lot of compliments on it especially from people I never figured would say anything like that to me.  I have a MES smoker and love it.   

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Isn't it awesome when your first one comes out great? It gives you the confidence to experiment with other things. You sure do have a good start going, looks good!

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Thanks for the QView. I'm gearing up to do my first butt in the next week or two, and this kind of post inspires me. Glad to hear that a little higher temp worked out well, too.

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