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Spares, BB and a Chuckie for Burnt Ends

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Here is the start to (hopefully) a great day of ribs and beer! KC Weather looks to be full of sun (and humidity)!!! Having some friends out from Colorado...and I had to cook something up for them...hehe




First I whipped up a batch of Ray's Rub




Applied that Rub to two Spares and a  Baby Back...Cut up some sausage for Burnt Ends, and added the rest of the rub (plus some molasses and some Dijon) to the beans and let them all sit overnight.




Nice little chuckie for burnt ends...




Man I can almost taste em!!!!!




Then into the GOSM...with some Hickory and Apple (about half and half)

Will post finished QVIEW here in a bit...

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That is looking very good

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Now it's all looking really good so far. But one question, the burnt ends you are using sausage and chuck roast?? Now this could be interesting thou. I have made burnt ends and I love them but never had I seen some ends made of chuck and sausage. I'll have to check back in for the finishing Qview.

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Sausage makes wonderful burnt ends! I first learned about using sausage at some local restaurants, and now, I cannot do a smoke without sausage burnt wife is very insist ant on that! hehe...As for the Chuck Steak, I had someone else recommend a chuck steak on this forum...usually I will use the point of the brisket...


But the chuck steak breaks down nicely after cooking it for about 5-6 hours...then cutting it up and smoking it for another 5-6 hours.


I will post when its finished :-)

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