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Summer Sausage and Seasoning

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I bought a summer sausage kit from Hi Mountain's with the seasoning included in it.  I also noticed that there were many different seasonings for making jerky.  Could I use the seasonings for the jerky in the summer sausage?  Would it be the same amounts?



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Ive never used jerky seasoning in summer sausage but I did use in snack sticks. I dont think would hurt but as far as amounts go I have no clue. I used mine as the directions said and on the same weight for snck sticks as jerky 10 pounds I think....

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idk, we made the summer sausage kit before and it came out really good

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Just last week I used a Hi-Mountain jerky mix in summer sausage. It was excellent I used the pepperoni mix. The package said to use with 10 lbs of ground meat. So I did.

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