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Thank you, Bear. And thank you for your service. I am a Navy vet, '70-'74. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!439.gif
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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

If you let the goo build up, eventually you'll have a fire, and then just go back to SAMS and get a new one!


I call that "Self Cleaning"





:points:for making me laugh right in the middle of the office

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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Maybe I'm not gentle enough. 

I told Mrs Bear to get some "Magic Erasers" next time she goes to town, but she said she had a couple.

I took one to clean my MES 40 window.

It got the stuff off the window pretty quick, but the one side of the soft little sponge is torn apart & shot.

I should be able to use the other side next time, so it's 50¢ per window-washing that way for me.

Then I still used a little Windex & two paper towels to shine the window up (I like it real clean).


So far the thing that works best for me is:

Step #1-----Rubbing Alcohol on paper towels to get the heavy gunk off.

Step #2-----Then a few paper towels with Windex for streak free shine.

Paper towels are a lot cheaper.


Maybe if I was more gentle with that soft little sponge, but...........



I've found the original magic eraser to be flimsy, too, when cleaning my MES 30.  However, the "Extra Power" version (has a wiggly edge) is a bit tougher and stands up better when cleaning the MES.  I've found I can clean the entire MES two or three times before "extra power" ones fall apart.  I have to be careful around the screws - that is the kiss of death.  It does a great job on the window and any flat surface.  The inside of my MES is almost new looking, except around the screws.  All the parts that come out get hand washed in the utility sink.


Someone recommended vinegar and it works but it takes a lot more elbow grease than the magic eraser.


I haven't tried rubbing alcohol nor windex.

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I spray on Simple Green and then a light mist of water over the Simple Green, rub the glass lightly with a mild Scotchbrite pad to loosen anything heavy on glass, then wipe with a paper towel ... Then I use the Magic Eraser and the stuff on window comes off really easy with no hard work or hard rubbing. I then wipe with a paper towel, spray a light mist of water and wipe with a paper towel a final time and the glass is sparkling clean. The whole process doesn't take more than 3 minutes or less.

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We rinse ours with a hose, just UNPLUG it first !

WE made some modifications to ours, we added a rotisserie ! and  built  a new electronic  control panel for it, now we can cook by temperature not time

AppleMark  they should be made this way !

AppleMark  this is the stand we built for our smoker as you can see we moved it UP off the ground !

AppleMarkwe did make one change, the pre set temperature of 145 was changed to 250     I am an electronic engineer there is a lot of electronics in this box !


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