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What are you smoking this weekend?

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This morning I trimmed and rubbed two Tri Tip roasts for Sunday's smoke, I'll be using red oak and RO. I gave them a basic rub of smoked sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, thyme, and rosemary, on a mustard base. I'll have some pics once the smoking is over. How about you?

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That sounds like a fine meal, Rich. Hope we can see some qvue?

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Gonna try my first fatty today. Potato, variety of peppers, cheese, ground turkey, maple syrup. Not sure how it will turn out, but I'll post some qview later today.

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Good luck on your first one, although you do have some great flavors going for you already. It's all good my friend.

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Practicing for a contest that's in two weeks.  Trying some new rubs and sauces. Smoked chicken yesterday (YUM!).  Got ribs resting for another 2 hours before hitting the smoker this afternoon, and a shoulder for tomorrow.   I love my weekends... :)

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To busy at work this whole week and weekend so I'm digging through the freezer for backups. You've heard of MRE's well I got SRE's "Smoked Ready to Eat "

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After my mammoth overnighter last weekend i swore i wasn't going to smoke this weekend. BUT!, stopped at the store today to get some staples and made the mistake of walking by the meat rack.

 There they were 2 whole chickens Just calling my name.

 Will brine them tomorrow for smoking sunday.

 never done whole birds but i think i can figure it out .

 Bird view after i get started.

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I have 2 chuckies ready to go and will be adding a couple of chickens. Who knows what else will be joining them...

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got 4 birds and a spare rib rack just waiting for the morning.


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I'll be smoking a couple of chickens, complimented with a new Q sauce and a garlic potato gratin (recipe can be posted if desired). My garlic potato gratin is a universal side; It goes with anything - sorta the tofa of sides...

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The kids requested a remake of the chili cheese dog fattie from last weekend.  To steal a cooking phrase, I guess I'll have to "kick it up a notch".  I'll make sure to post some q-vue.

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I have an 8lbs brisket flat that I put on the UDS early this morning. Decided to try my hand at making a from scratch tomato based bbq sauce. Took a few tries but came up with something I am happy with last night and that will be applied to the brisket for dinner tonight. Also need to make up some breakfast sausage so I can make some breakfast burritos tomorrow. It will be a tasty weekend.

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one hour to go on the smoker and im getting hungry already. just out of foil and ready to go the last hour.



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Well I did a loin with a new twist, a pepper jelly glaze... Came out really good, happy about that..


Today i may sneak some fish or beef on the grill, I'll decide at the store.

Tomorrow I'm gonna do some spares St. louis style in the drum and try some of that pepper jelly on one of the racks. I'm gonna mess around with a rum-based mop on another and go with a basic rib rub on another. I'll q view all of that of course.

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Well i stumbled over one of these tri-tips that Rich is always touting about so I picked one up. I'm gonna toss it in the ol GOSM with some mesquite chunks and see what happens. Will get some q view if I can find my camera...

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Talk about a late start!! Put on ribs at 3:45 (PM) and one small butt at 4:00 (PM). Sometimes I guestion my sanity!! Corn will go on AT 7:00.

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I got three racks of baby backs I'm doing for an early fathers day present for my Father-in-law.

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nothing this weekend but next going to get it cranked up with ribs and chicken

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Here's my Sunday smoke


3 fatties - Philly cheese steak, chili cheese dog, Chicken cordon bleu, beans and one forgotten tilapia filet in the freezer for toooooo long


Philly cheese steak - dressed up the ground beef with granulated garlic, BBQ sauce (cheap stuff just for some moisture)  and worchestershire




 Chili cheese dog - got carried away with cheese before the chili and no pic with more cheese.  - dressed up the ground beef with granulated garlic, BBQ sauce (cheap stuff just for some moisture)  and worchestershire



Chicken Cordon bleu - left out the pic with ham, darn it.  Dressed up ground chicken with some olive oil, granulated garlic, BBQ sauce (cheap stuff just for some moisture).




Brined the tilapia in water, kosher salt, brown sugar, granulated garlic, pepper, touch of molasses


All the kids in the pool




Philiy finished




Chili cheese - partly demolished




Chicken Cordon Bleu - needs some work.Flavors were good, but I lost a lot of the cheese.



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