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what is pork shoulder chuck roast?

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I went shopping really early this morning.  I picked up a pork shoulder chuck roast for 1.18/lb.  They had a picnic shoulder, no boston butt there.  Is there another name for pork shoulder chuck roast?  I am gonna make some pulled pork out of it in a couple weeks when I have time to do it.   I just never heard of a pork chuck roast before.




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Id guess that would be your boston butt

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The chuck on a steer is the shoulder, so I assume you got a typical pork shoulder/boston butt

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Well to me it sounds like a boston butt. But I'm not an expert by any means of the word.

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 I think you got a butt, but as long as it pork, with plenty of fat, it will work just fine.

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 How many pounds was it?  If it was 2-4 lbs., then what you've got is the tail end of the pork butt once the pork (blade cut) steaks have been sawed off.  They merchandise the pork steaks at a higher price to offset a lower price on the rest; store probably does not make it's own sausages.

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no such thing----

wannabee butcher meat dept worker possibly got confused.....



UNLESS...the stores name was chuck's

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It is 6.27lbs bone in and has fat marbeling.  I think it will make really good pulled pork, as long as I do it right.  I have a really good idea now, but will read more before I start smoking it. I want to make my own either BBQ sauce or vinegar based sauce for it.  I don't remember ever trying a vinegar based sauce before.  How does it compare to BBQ sauce on sandwiches?

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try them all---especially with pork shoulder ---SO many ways are Good........

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