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I just covered the interior of my masterbuilt propane smoker in canola cooking spray. Is it ok to fire up. Or will something bad occur such as a flare up or ect.? I'm going to wait for a while just in case, but i only sprayed some in the interior and spread it around with a paper towel in order to cure it of the manufacterers oils and such. AM I OK? ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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You should be fine. A lot of us use Pam which is basically the same thing. Run it at 250-300° with constant Thin Blue Smoke for 4 or 5 hrs. and you should have a nice seasoning all over the inside.

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I'm sorry this may be a dumb question. But when curing my propane smoker, I understand i have to run it at that temperature for some time. But when you say with thin blue smoke, you are saying i have to add some wood in this process? I read in the manual that I shouldnt use wood when curing?

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First off you will be fine with using conola oil on your smoker. You can fire it up when ever you want to it's not gonna be a big fireball. Now for your curing with wood you'll be fine if you want to use wood along with your charcaol of gas smoker you will be fien I did one of mine that way years ago.

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So I am supposed to use charcoal with this smoker? Another ridiculous question. So i can place some charcoal on the bottom tray and let them heat up? I thought i could just put the wood on the fire pan.

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If its a propane smoker it does not require any charcoal.

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Smoke really is not required when seasoning.  The combination of oil and heat is what gets the job done.  I like melted lard applied with a rag, but many use vegetable oils successfully.  Some people believe that vegetable oils can leave a brown and gooey residue.  Others have no problem.  Either way, season it, use it, and enjoy it!


If rust develops, get it out of there and re-season.  Usually a good initial seasoning cycle or two is all you will need.  Regular use with fatty foods is the best seasoning for most metal cooking surfaces.


Be sure to season on a surface you don't mind staining.  Some units will drip a bit, especially around lids on horizontal units.

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