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What type of regulator do I have ?

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Aloha All,


..I'm in need of adjustable needle  valves for both my  GOSM (small one) and Smoke Vault 24 smokers.  When I go to the local welding equipment supplier he always asks me "Do your smokers have the high or low pressure regulators?"   I don't know how to answer him.  I am assumming that both of my smokers have low pressure regulators.  How can I tell what I have?   


He also has what look like regulator/hose combinations that seem to have a valve built in line.  Are those for high pressure regulators? 


Thanks All.....


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Anyone have an answer on this?.. I am not an expert on those needle valves. There are several folks here who have some experience with this.. hopefully bumping this thread will get you an answer.


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according to this site  "Bottles and cylinders attached to portable propane cooking appliances such as barbeque grills and fish fryers use regulators designed for this specific purpose. These bottle and cylinder regulators are known as low BTU regulators, single stage regulators, grill regulators or outdoor cooking regulators. Although they are used for outdoor appliances, they shouldn't be confused with appliance regulators. These low BTU regulators are used strictly for outdoor appliances and function to regulate pressure between the bottle and the line or hose."


Hope that helps

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Thanks Friends...I also got a similar answer from Forluvofsmoke this evening.  SMF really has it going On!! 

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If you still need more clarification, then I suggest calling James at Tejas Smokers.  He has all that stuff and knows everything about them.  Very helpful guys and very quick shipper

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