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Baby Backs & ABTs from Memorial Day

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Wanted to avoid the showers on Memorial Day so I got started early. I had 2 racks of baby back and  a couple dozen ABTs.  The good wife had picked up some snap beans and cucumbers at the farmer's market so we had a pretty good menu shaping up.


First got my therms setup on the CGSP



Then got the SFB setup for modified Minion Method




The stars of the show



Got the ABTs ready



2 @ 240 hours, foil the ribs & put the ABTs on



Super secret BBQ sauce ready to work it's magic



Out of the foil and sauce applied. ABTs getting close



I was lucky to get this shot before the wife, son & girlfriend began making them disappear.



Thanks for looking. I'm heading up to Ft Valley, GA to judge in the Peach Pit BBQ Cookoff on Sat. Plan on bringing home some fresh peaches for some homemade peach ice cream....

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Your wife let your girlfriend over for ribs? They must be damn good! 


Looks great! How long do you let the ribs cook out of the foil, with sauce? I usually do 3-2-.5 with the sauce on for the 30 mins after the foil.

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Hey, that's how I roll............. (actually it was the son's girlfriend)


These went 2-2- 0.75  I normally only go about 0.5 like you but we got carried away snacking on the ABTs

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I had to do a doble take on that one too. It's the boy's girl friend I hope or you are really good. Now the ribs and the Abt's look fabulous and I wish I could have been there to help eat it all. You did one great job on both. By the way my wife wouldn't let my girlfriend share any of her ribs either. She might even have me smoking MY ribs after she pulled them out of me.  

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Those look really tasty

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