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ive had wagyu burgers from snake river and i have to say me and my girl agreed that they are the BEST burgers we have ever tasted. Seriously, you should go for it if u havent yet.

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We have buying Wagyu briskets at Paradise meats in Trimble, Mo, for the last few years. We were paying around $4 a pound. That is what we had been using in the comps we entered. This year in May, we went to get some Wagyu briskets for the Great American BBQ, and bad news. They no longer sell it. They have something I can't remember the name of, Yogadishu, or something like that, for $8 a pound. That was out of our range, so they showed us some briskets called Vintage. A breed based on the Wagyu. Looked good, only $4 something a pound, so we bought a couple. Didn't win with the vintage at Great American, made the top third, not to bad. Did a contest in August and used vintage again. Much better results this time, 1st in brisket.




The vintage looks and cooks just like the Wagyu. Very forgiving, you can push the temps up in the smoker if you are needing to get it done sooner.


Below is a pic of Wagyu briskets and berkshire pork butts from Paradise meats.


2010-09-27 00.16.23.jpg



The briskets have fine marbling like prime steak, all over through them. Same with the butts. The Vintage briskets look about the same.


2010-10-03 13.20.03.jpg


Above is some Wagyu from last years American Royal.


The Wagyu is much more juicy and tender than anything I have tried, other than the Vintage.


If you can afford the Wagyu, treat yourself to it at least once. I really don't think you can screw one up without deliberately trying.

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Dose anyone have pictures of a wagyu cook they did ?I have been interested for awhile.Old post of mine It was right after the nuclear meltdown.

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damn that looks good. think il get a wagyu.

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$4 a pound is cheap.I pay $11 a pound for topside or blade & Im getting mates rates of the butcher. It makes knockout corned beef,the sirloin,fillet etc is  stupid money but the lesser cuts are a great product to work with. Lovely marbling.

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Originally Posted by Moikel View Post

$4 a pound is cheap.I pay $11 a pound for topside or blade & Im getting mates rates of the butcher. It makes knockout corned beef,the sirloin,fillet etc is  stupid money but the lesser cuts are a great product to work with. Lovely marbling.

Yes i agree with Moikel topside makes a great cored beef.fillet and sirloin makes great steak  

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I've smoked Hereford, Angus and American Waygu briskets, we raise all 3 breeds on our ranch.  The Waygu are never pure bred, they're crossed with the other breeds.  With the Wagyu cross, they're ALWAYS more juicy and marbled.  The others are good too, but just are never as juicy.  Once while smoking some Thanksgiving briskets, I got lazy and put them in an oven for the last few hours of cooking while I went to bed.  The temp on the oven turned out to be way off and they were overcooked....but they were still juicy.  Had it been Hereford or Angus, I bet they'd have been leather.  


We get $13/lb for ours, but there's a special now that puts it around $10.50/lb.  West Dakota Kobe -


Worth the extra cost?  Honestly, probably not to most people....but they're soooooo good.  

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nice smoke ring


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Ouch.... that's a little more than I would pay but like what Al said special occasion maybe....

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Got a bit of wagyu blade here,fat score 9. Paid $25 kg with discount for keeping butcher in sardines under oil. Will post photo later.

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Dont know if this helps but this is what ours looks like 9 fat score is top end of scale. Ill pot roast this bit,early in the day then go out to watch Australia play South Africa live from NewZealand at 4 pm. Hopefully not drink to much then reheat it for dinner.IMG_0533.JPG

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We smoked a 7lb Wagyu brisket a couple weeks ago. It was given to us and I think it was trimmed way too much - just not enough fat - it was dry and tough. Didn't do anything differently than we have done with brisket in the past - 90 min./lb. - smoke at 185-190 for half the time and then wrap and slow at 225 - rest for 1 hour wrapped in a cooler lined with a towel to keep it warm - always turns out amazing....not this time. Thankful it was given to us - would have been ticked if we'd paid for it!

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I was watching BBQ pitmasters one time and I saw the Snake River Farms box on Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ's table I am not sure what meat it was though.

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I realize this is an older post. I've been successful smoking "Choice" Briskets and am comfortable with them. I've volunteered to cook for our HOG (Harley Owners Group) meeting next Tuesday at Wisconsin Harley Davidson. One of our members has a contact who is purveyor of beef and can get me Wagyu Briskets at $5.74/lb which I thought was a steal. My question to the group is if there are any special considerations when smoking Wagyu as opposed to a Choice cut? I typically smoke brisket at 250 degrees and wrap in butcher paper after about 5-6 hours until it reached an internal temp of 200-205 degrees. Average 1 hr per pound of brisket.

Thanks for any help with this.


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