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Holding Ribs in Foil Question

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Ok, so this weekend is my wife's family reunion. I am the cook and will be doing Brisket, Ribs and chicken.

I normally get up there around 2pm on Friday and get my briskets on so I can pull them and hold them in a cooler until Lunch Time on Saturday ( we eat around noon ). Well my brother-in-law wants to run some trot lines around mid-night which means it's gonna really suck to have to get up at 5 - 5:30 to restart the pit and get the ribs on.

My questions are
1. can I cook the ribs Friday night and hold them in a cooler ( Foiled )  until noon?
2. Has anyone ever done this with success?
3. Are there any alternative methods that I am just not seeing?

Thanks for the help, it was a long memorial day weekend and brain function is significantly reduced right now :mrgreen:

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Your pre-cooked ribs should be fine; they just might not be warm at noon.  Just set them in an oven or smoker (in the foil) at 200* for 30-45 min. or [gasp!] cut them up and microwave them if you want them hot.  They're great cold, too!  My family noshes on cold leftover ribs all the time, if there's any leftover.

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As long if you can keep the ribs in the cooler. Cold now I wouldn't recommend leaving them in the cooler overnight for then will get into the danger zone and you don't want to the one to get the family sick. I'm sorry but If I were you I would get up earliy and smoke the ribs then. They will be hot for lunch and it sounds like the family is gonna be setting the trot line so lunch will be later anyway.

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Either cook ahead of time and put in the cooler and reheat them that day or get up early and smoke them. I agree you don't want to let them sit in the danger zone for that long. No need for anyone to get sick.

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Did I mention they would be in a cooler with 2 briskets and towels. I don't think they will get any where near the danger zone......correct me if I am wrong PLEASE.


I can wrap them and put them in the fridge and reheat if i have to.


and BTW, again correct me if I am wrong PLEASE, but isn't the danger zone for raw, uncooked meat?

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