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Whole Beef Tenderloin

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and lots of good food was smoked. I cooked all kinds of goodies and even did some canning too, but one of my favorite things was this melt in your mouth beef tenderloin. While it sure wasn't cheap, it was worth every penny. I started with this monster:




I had to do some serious butchering to get down to the mother load, but I've done many of these so this part was easy peezy. It looks like alot of waste, but I use everything in other dishes and also making beef stock, heck no man, I ain't paying 14 bucks a pound and leave one scrap. Shoot I'll even reuse the giant packaging it came in for something, maybe I'll be a whole beef tenderloin for halloween. Now there's a visual that will surely burn your eyes.




Here we go. the best part of the loin, all purdy for ya. I tucked in the smaller ends to get a nice even roast, then I tied it all up and then gave a massage with some olive oil. Ummm...a little to the left...







Then I got some fancy peppercorns and gray salt






Then I smashed them up like so




Then I rubbed that awesome hunka hunka burnin' love with them fancy peppercorns and gray salt then I gave a big fat kiss, ok not really that was gross.




Then I smoked it on the Traeger at 325F until the IT reached 120F, I like it rare, plus I was gonna do something special




I fired up some coals and did the one, two switcharoo "reversal" sear. Didn't see that coming did ya? I'm a smooth operator like that.





Sliced it up like so and it was gone in 15 minutes!




Since I had the coals going I whipped up a portabella mushroom that I'm gonna post in the fungus amongus section! Thanks for checking out my loin! LOL!

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God I wish I could actually see those pics and not just the first few inches of the left side of the pics.  I really hope they fix this "feature" 


What I can actually see looks fantastic.

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I can see the whole thing and believe me it looks awesome. Mouthwatering in fact. Nice job! I'm doing a little smoking myself today. Ribs, ABTs and a fattie. Qview in the general catagory under "whats on Q today"

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looks awesome, but one question. Whats with the strings tied around it?

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Fantastic looking tenderloin. You really made a nice cut of meat. Thumbs Up Given!

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Yummy!  Looks great, Squirrel! 

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Yepper yet another fine job you have done there Cheryl. Your loin looks fabulous and so so just the way I would have done it too. I love rare meat but I would ask what was the special things you were going to do to it. Oh the sear at the end was the special thingy. Ok then you still are amazing me with some of the food your cooking.

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Yea Mark the "reverse" sear. I do that when smoking because I want to get all the smoke in then seal it shut! Plus I like the crust I get from the sear.


FFT - I tied the strings around it because it was tapered on both ends and I want it to cook evenly so I did a little nip tucking action and tied it to hold it in place.

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oh ok. looks awesome, maybe one day I'll have enough $$$ to cook a whole beef tenderloin

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Oh man that looks delicious. Me likey.

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Yummy looking'excellent job

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Once again the squirrel got er done!! That looks too good on my screen mmm nice job!! its 230 am and now you got my stomach rumbling!!

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That looks soooooo gooooooood!!!! Great job! I love a nice lion

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