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Keeping ribs in refrig.

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Can I keep spare ribs in the refrig for 4 days after the price sticker says "Sell by June 1"?  I bought the ribs last Thursday at my local grocery store, they always trim them in the St Louis style, but also put the trimmings in the package. The price was $1.99 lb. Will smoke them this coming Saturday.

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I would think you should be OK, but you might want to consider freezing them instead.

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I've used ribs that I've frozen as soon as they got home, and once in a while I'll take them out to smoke long after the expiration date. I've never had a probem. I don't store them in the fridge, unless I'll be smoking them the next day. This is just my experience, not an actual fact.

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Now this could be a question for Bbally or Pops for they are the realt experts on food safety. I'm not sure if I would leave them for that long after the sall by date. I might go buy some more later in the week and freeze theses for another time.  

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That is a very good question, one I will wait to see what answer it brings.  The dilemma alone is why I don't buy meat on sale after the sell by date.  Too many questions in my mind about my family's safety.

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You're probably OK, but to be safe, freeze them and thaw them if you're not smoking them until the weekend.  Freezing them won't hurt anything and will ensure health.

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You will be fine with the ribs.  The sell by date is the date the store must sell it.... the consumption date (assuming correct refrigeration temperatures at the home) will be 5 to 7 days after the sell by date.

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