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Ribs and Bacon

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Did a little adventure in smoking Sunday.  I'd had 5 pieces of buckboard bacon culled from pork butts bought at Kroger on sale brining for 2 weeks in the back fridge and it was time to pull them and smoke 'em.  But, also, Monday was Memorial Day and I wanted to bring something to my son's annual party.   I picked up a couple slabs of spareribs that morning and got thinking how I could smoke them and the bacon too; I'd meant to purchase some kind of rack to lay out product on across smoke sticks but hadn't gotten to it, then it hit me... I already owned perfectly good racks... in my oven!  Of course, with the wife's permission, I grabbed one, laid it on top of the smoke sticks, moved the bacon to each side and voila, ribs and bacon going at the same time!  I had to lay down some extra foil to catch the drippings over the drip pans but it didn't impede the smoking process.





Didn't get a Qview while it was smoking, also had the sons and grandkids there making brats and breakfast sausages too, but got a pic taste testing the bacon and the ribs once finished.  I'd rubbed them with Robinson's KC rub (a Fort Worth specialty, sold all over, then wrapped them up for the party on Monday:






The party started Monday after noon but I had to work all day until 5:30.  By the time I got there the ribs were about gone, but luckily my son stashed away a chunk to save for me.  Alas, I didn't get a pic of the inside of the ribs but there was a great smoke ring and just under the surface the meat was as pink as the cured bacon above, showing the nitrate formation from the long and gentle smoke.  I did do them 3-2-1, 3 at full smoke, foiling w/apple juice for the 2 and finishing off with a good smoke for the 1; they disappeared very fast.  George Jr's first comment when I got there was, "Pops, the ribs were awful, we had to get rid of them real quick... so bad could you do double for 4th of July? :)"  Well, good thing the oven's got two racks!  They weren't fall-off-the-bone but had a nice little tug and were tender!  Best ribs I'd ever done and have to thank the smokehouse for that!


Here's the rub:




Robinson Bar-B-Q1028 East Berry Street, Fort Worth, TX 76110-4503(817) 924-1009


It's a little BBQ rib joint on East Berry but their rub is sold all over and it's delicious!

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Holy smokes! That looks good. I'm so hungry right now...

Great job

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Very nice lookign ribs and that bacon is awesome to there Pops. Now I really like the buckboard bacon made with a butt to. Folks don't think it's bacon cause it doesn't look right. Thats whay I had to make some out of bellies.

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The first batch of BBB I made I smoke them at 225 right with my ribs and they were awesome.

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Thats some awesome looking bacon and ribs and I'll bet it tasted even better 

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Thanks a lot Pops, I had a three day record going without drooling even once !!!


You just blew that out of the water (No pun intended).




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Great looking bacon Pops.  I would kill for some good stuff now.  I have yet to get to my to do list as I am so busy.  And George Jr's comment was to die for.  Double the awful ribs to hurry up & get rid of them on July 4th.  LMBO!!!!! 

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Great looking meat...

Did the wife also tell you, you had to clean the racks...LOL my wife read this post with me and loved the meat and ask "Who cleaned the racks" HAHAAHA

Bump what Cavey said i have heard the same thing but did not get the stashed ribs, they where gone!!!!


Love the ribs...Bacon look goood enough to eat

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