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Spares & Q-view

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Just had to do some ribs. Been looking at so many other peoples here I couldn't stand it anymore. So lets get right to the pics.


Here they are after being rubbed and sitting in the frige over night. Ready for the smoker:



Smoker is ready, temps pretty much stabilized on both sides:



Ribs on the smoker. Had to cut a couple of the slabs to get them all on:



TBS working its magic. Using just apple wood for smoke:



Trying the 3-2-1. Here we are just before foiling:



It occured to me that I didn't have any liquid to put in the foil with the ribs, so I made up a cocktail of cherry Kool-Aide from the fridge  and some of this mixed 50/50. Actually tasted pretty good:



Ok, here we go. Right out of the smoker. The only complaint I have is that the rub got a bit crispy around the edges. Check out the pull back on the bones:



Well, this is what I ended up with. The meat was surprisingly tender and juicey and a smoke ring that wouldn't quit:



Hope they looked as good to you as they tasted to me. As I mentioned, the only complaint was that they got too crunchy around the edges. But I'll live with it.


Thanks for looking. Happy smoking all.


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That last pic is the money shot, congrats on a great smoke. It's all good my friend.

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Nice looking ribs! I would guess the extra crunch came from a large amount of brown sugar in the rub? Either way they sure looked tastey!

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Richos1 hit the nail on the head. That last shot did it for me. Great smoke you did. 2 Thumbs up man!

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they still looked nice n juicy inside so i know they were good.

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Man those look good

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Originally Posted by JIRodriguez View Post

 I would guess the extra crunch came from a large amount of brown sugar in the rub?

Yeah, that's my thought too. Only thing is, if I cut back on the brown sugar, I basicly am changing the recipie and I don't want to do that because it really tasted good the way it was.


Maybe skip the last hour out of the foil? Might try that next time.

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Gave you a thumbs up on that one!

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Man those are pretty.  They looked smoked before they even went in thesmoker. 

Good job.  I know they were tasty.

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Now your ribs do look delicuous and the smoke rind is a good one too. I like touse some brown sugar in my rub but not as muh as some folks that I have seen here this past week. I saw someones ribs had about 1/2" of brown sugar on them and they must have burnet pretty bad too. 

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yall are freaking amazing i hope i get at least half as good as yall are at smoking

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Great looking ribs, I'd chow down a plate full.

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