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Beer Can Chicken duo

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Wife bought a couple chickens and I thought I'd toss em on the grill for a change.  Used slim-fast cans instead of aluminum beer cans, much stronger and we had a couple around. 







grilled with a 3-burner Weber with the back and front on med-hi and the middle burner off.




Rinsed, rubbed with BOAR and CaASTLE, then sprinkled with a mix of Jeff's run and McCormick's Montreal chicken.





Wonderful!   Crisp, jiucy and full of flavor!


This after a day started off with a church group of friends for breakfast at a local park, then a great tour of a small zoo.




I too! I'm thinking....lots of meat for the smoker!


so we tour the rest of the zoo, mind you it's pretty small, but cool things to see.  Here are a few of the folks I met:


Badger, we don't need no stinkin' badger



who the...



water park...did you say water park?



Cillin' on a Memorial Day!




Memorial Day 2010 - Rochester, MN


Hope you had a great weekend!






Thanks for looking at the extra pics from my memorial day.











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Congrats on a nice smoke on The Slim-Fast Chicks, I'm sure Jenny Craig will be talking to you soon. Also want to say thanks for the other pics, looks like a nice day was had by all. It's all good my friend.

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Now your birds do look good and all but I have to say that your photography sure does look great and I like the eagle and the flag. Nice for the days end.

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Very good looking chicks... slim fast cans what did you put in the cans to keep the chicks moist??

Not slim fast I hope :LOL


What zoo looks like they have a good set of animals...

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Thanks for the comments on the chickens.  Technically, there was still some chips in the smoker it was a smoke, sort-of.


The slim-fast cans were thoroughly cleaned out!  somewhere between a 1/2 and 3/4 can of beer in each, along with the rub mix so it would splatter the insides with goodness!


The zoo is pretty small, all the critters are native to the area (or once were native).  The bison are gone, but they have a small group of 6 here. Dang bull has a head the size of my favorite recliner!!!


We got a private tour by one of the lead volunteers, so it was cool to see the animals react to him...expecting a treat or something.  This guy (a retired architect) also designed all of the animal shelters.  All the birds of prey are injured, and came from the Minnesota Raptor Center...birds that cannot ever be released back to the wild.  Gotta say the 2 eagles were pretty impressive!


here's a parting shot!



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