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Championship Ribs and Dutch's Beans

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Today decided after seeing previous posts on both items that it was time to try both.  Did spares instead of BB's as I like them a little better.   Sprinkled ribs and flap with rub, I used Magic Dust as I had some premade.







 Then sprinkled with brown sugar and another layer of Magic Dust.




Allowed brown sugar to liquify.





Made up some of Dutch's Wicked Beans with some flap meat after it had smoked for 1 1/2 hours.




Cooked them both in the smoker and cooked. Did this all with my MES and applewood.  Spritzed them with apple juice.




Ribs looked good.






Supper is served.




All was good.  Only real change for next time is I would use a stronger rub with more pepper in it, Magic Dust is good, but not too spicy.  With all the sugar on the meat, it needs a spicier rub to balance it out.  Thanks for looking and hope you had a great Memorial Day.

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Congrats, those are some great looking spares, and you just can't wrong with Dutch's Wicked baked Beans. Thanks for sharing the Q View, You are right about some rubs, the heat doesn't always hold through the smoking process. Have a good one my friend.

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Looking good there. I have been meaning to try this method as well.

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wow they look perfect

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