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Memorial Day Brisket!

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Hello all,


While I have been smoking away, this is my first post this year! I bought a 10lb Packer and a slab of Beef Ribs. The Packer was not the best, and was very surprised to see the temp hit 190 in only 6 hours...but it still turned out nice. I separated the flat from the point, and used some of the point for burnt ends..but didnt get a pic of the burnt ends...sorry...but they turned out quite nicely!!! The beans had my rub, onion, some molassas and some pork from a previous smoke...


Used Apple and Hickory for wood. Temp ranged from 225 to about the day progressed.


Now, enough of my yappin...on to the QVIEW!!!




Overnight in the fridge...with my Rub on them...




And they are off...Nice smoke and perfect weather!!!




Cleanup Crew are waiting patiently!!! They sure do keep my deck clean after a smoke!!! hehe




And finally the finished product...Like I said earlier, not the best cut of meat....but it tasted very nice!!! We are eating this today on Memorial Day!!!


Thanks for viewing!


BoneDadddy (I will have to figure out my signature now that we are on a new site...but this forum is nice!!)

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Looks great!!!

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Nice looking smoke. We did a brisket yesterday as well. Can't wait to eat some.

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Very Nice!

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Yes very nice smoke and I'm really glad it was edible for you. Now it might take you a few smokes to get back into the form that you used to be in.

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It all looks awesome!!

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