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Beer can chicken for day before..

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Here we Go, Chicken waiting to go to the BBQ. I did them on my Weber kettle with indirect head (coals to the sides) with drip pan/beer and spices in the middle.Added some chips left over and trying to get rid of for smoke.


beer can chicken -31 002 res.jpg


On the BBQ

beer can chicken -31 003res.jpg


2 hrs later or so

beer can chicken -31 006res.jpg



TBS almost see it by handle...


beer can chicken -31 004res.jpg


For the kids we did legs and Dutch's Beans on the Gas grill... Beans indirect and legs on slow for about 1 hr..


beer can chicken -31 012.jpg


Well time got away and all of a sudden we where eating before the pictures where taken..

Food to good to wait and very hungry people here is what i caught before it was gone!!


beer can chicken -31 013.jpgbeer can chicken -31 014.jpgbeer can chicken -31 015.jpgbeer can chicken -31 016.jpg


Potato Said by In Law's who came for dinner


Good food most all gone...

Thanks for looking...


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Now thats a great looking set of birds there Paul. I like the choice of beers I used to drink Tecate alot but it getting hard to find here in Fla.

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looks good Smokey paul! I love good ole drunken chickens. before you slide the beer can up in the chicken try bending the beer can tab straight up without breaking it off and peel you about 3 to 4 bulbs of garlic and use the tab to hold the garlic and man it is a nice little treat after it has been smoking a few hours and you pull the can out and there is a few tasty garlic bulbs roasted to enjoy and it gives a little flavor to the chickens also. after the chickens top hole has opened up  i put a strip of aluminum foil over the holes to help keep moisture in. good stuff bud! thanks for the pics! awesome!

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Man the chickens look pretty darn good.


Thanks for the tip upsman, I will have to try the garlic and foil trick for the wife next time I do up beer chicken for her.


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Hey MB kinda funny the only beer in cans that was worth using was Tecate, good beer... thanks for the comment..


UPSman good idea will use it next time i do a chicken on the beer can... Tks for the comments...


Tom tks for the comment .

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you are welcome  smokey paul and Tom37!  glad to be apart of this forum and give any ideals and tips i can. I sometimes even stretch the skin over the top hole and put a couple toothpicks that have been soaking in water like skewers and sort of sew the hole shut and then use the foil you will see the hole open for sure on this method better like a pop up timer when to put the foil on when the toothpicks slide out and the hole opens.

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I am redoing part of this post to try out a new program suggested by one of our members, DaSmoker. It works great I re-sized the first 4 pic and left the others the same.. picture qty looks the same and the real pic is still intact on my computer because i renamed it when saving the re-sized one.

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Yummy chicken! Is that a contraption you can buy or did you make it? (What the chickens are standing up with)


Love that tater salad. Reminds me of Ron White. LOL!

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The beer can chicken or any can the same size is from wally world or home depot or ?? i have seen more than one kind now that we bought them a year or so ago. Wally has one with a "little" pan under it but $5.00

the other where about 2-3. love them we did the can and legs think and had weak chicken and had a mess when they fell over  LOL.

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