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BBs & Beans Memorial Day Cook

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Smoked 1 doz. Baby Back racks and some beans yesterday.  Enjoyed the process and the result.  We fed about 20 folks.  The ribs were kinda pricey, they were sold out on St.Louies that I usually buy.  The beans are a variation of Dutch's recipe (thanks Dutch!) The rub is a variation of Jeff's rub.


I smoked about 6 hours at 215 with charcoal and hickory chunks.  I usually foil the ribs (2-2-1 method) but I opted for the non foil option this time.  They were really meaty.


Thanks for looking and sorry no pic.s of the ribs cut up. They were eaten before I had a chance.


BurkCookin 001.jpgCookin 008.jpgCookin 012.jpgCookin 014.jpg

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Sorry, I left out couple of pic.s of bean process.  Cookin 006.jpgCookin 002.jpgCookin 003.jpgCookin 005.jpg

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Awesome looking smoke and great pictures!! Nice looking meal, I bet everyone was full and happy.

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Lookin good!!! Nice job!!

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Thanks guys, I need to point out that the wd40 in the picture above is not really an ingredient in the beans.  I has other uses. lol

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Now, that's a great way to kick off the summer.  Dutch'es Beans are always a favorite.

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