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I finally decided to give it a try and the resulst must have been pretty good because there was none left after about 10 minutes of it being sliced. Thanks to everyone who has posted how to smoke a brisket for newbies like me.I also smoke 6 racks of baby backs for this wonder ful weekend.



7lbs started at 5am, this is 3 hours later.

smoked roast 002.JPG



6 hours in and just added the ribs

smoked roast 003.JPG


What a wonderful sight

smoked roast 005.JPG

The finished ribs

smoked roast 008.JPG



The final product sorry there were no pics of the slicing casue as soon as i got some sliced it magically disappeared. Total cooking time as was 10hrs and well worth the wait.

smoked roast 010.JPG