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My first pork butt

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I just put on my 3 3/4 lb pork shoulder, I'm smoking at between 225- 240, about how long should I expect this to take?

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if your making pulled pork with it then I'd say about 1.5 to 2 hrs per lb. shoot for an internal temp of 195 to 205 and it should just fall apart!

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Anywhere from 5 to 9 hours.

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yeah, i normally figure 1.5 hours as my starting point...but i always give myself enough time for it to take 2+ hrs a pound in case it does.  did a 8+ lber Sat and it took only 11 hours. 

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my 4 pound picinic roast took 6 hours to reach 200f after i foiled it at 165f then 1.5 hours in a towel in the cooler before i served it, so my 4 pounder took 8 hours total without a stall in temp............bob



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