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Brisket for Memorial Day

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I was gonna score some pork back ribs on sale at the grocery store but they didn't have any. Bummer. I asked the meat dept. guy where they were and he said he would have them tomorrow. WTH am i supposed to do with them tommorow? Show my familly what a good deal I got on ribs and invite them back Tuesday? So I said * it to my self and told that dude to bring me a brisket that was no less than 14 pounds. He did.098.JPG






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I was gonna say pete that ain't no ribs there. I think that is a brisket and a big one too. I hope they don't think that they are getting some ribs. But I'm sure you will do it right too Pete.  

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I'll knock thier socks off Mark.. Did ya see my little "how to" when I split this one?

Just another all-nighter for the books...


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Well it was a long night but worth the wait

Here's my point and ends.. they're back in the smoker.



Ends sauced.JPG

And the flat...


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Man do those ends make a nice snack while waiting for guests.

finnished ends (2).JPG


And the brisket came out perfect... I think I did a better job of injecting early enough to marinade the inside. cut.JPG

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that smoke ring looks perfect

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Thanx.. I let that big hunk of meat sit in the smoke for 12 hours before I panned (due to falling back asleep . No matter, it was still in the stall! Had the flat off in 14 hrs after stokin the coals back up. I did this in mt Char-Griller and now I kinda wish I had done it in the drum... I think I may be getting into the market for a tow-behind horizontal now. My drum and GOSM do everything I need to do in the back yard..

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