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Sunday Babybacks

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Got a chance to fire up the smoker today so I did some babybacks.


Did one rack with just a little salt and pepper and one rack with a favorite rub that I have been using for awhile.  Smoked them in the UDS with Kingsford Comp and some apple wood.


I did a 2-1.5-1 and sprayed with Cherry Dr. Pepper at the 1 hour mark.  Foiled with some Cherry Dr. Pepper, a little brown sugar and some honey.  After the foil, I glazed them with a combination of the foil juice, Sweet Baby Ray's and some honey.


Here they are after several coats of glaze.




And here they are after pulling them off.




They were a little drier on the edges than I would have liked.  Got no complaints from my guest though. 


But then it seems like we are always our worst critics.  The drum really wanted to creep up in temp.  Got close to 300° in a couple of instances which probably accounted for the dryness.  Overall, they were pretty tasty though.


Sorry I didn't get more pics but with entertaining guests and monitoring kids in the pool, it was hard to work the picture taking in.


Happy Memorial Day all.



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Looks good Dave. Is that rub something you made or something you bought?

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Man those ribs look great there dave. I wish I was there to help you eat them too.

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Great job Dave! I know what you mean about the pic.s.  When you are host it is had to do everything.  Looks like the ribs turned out great.


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they look good dave

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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

Looks good Dave. Is that rub something you made or something you bought?



It's a rub I bought.


I really like it.  It's good on all kinds of things.



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