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Memorial Day Dinner with Q-View

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Started with 2 spare ribs and a baby back, used Jeffs rub tried the 2-2-1. Worked great. ABT's had pepper jack cheese and either bacon or chorizo, the banana cream pie was delightful, and good ole corn on the cob!! Thanks to all the veterans that we can enjoy this type of stuff in the good ole US of A!!


Smoking 002.JPGSmoking 005.JPGSmoking 007.JPGSmoking 008.JPGSmoking 013.JPGSmoking 017.JPG

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Looks like everything came out great, thanks for sharing.

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that looks very good well done

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Mow thats a good way to celobrate the the weekend. It looks like everythign came out all right and I hope everyone enjoyed their dinner. It's nice to see someone else that doesn't believe in trimming their spares all to up. Thanks for posting

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