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Memorial Weekend Brisket Smoke

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Here is some Q-View of the this Memorial Weekend brisket smoke. This was my fisrt full packer brisket. Started out 13 pounds.





Trimmed,rubbed and injected back in the frig and then rubbed again. Used Jeff's Rub and injected with garlic and butter marinade.



Smoking in the Mes around 225* foiled at 165* and removed at 195*.  Total time 16 hours.


Point removed and getting ready to be chopped up and used for burnt ends.



Mixed the chopped up point with rub and Marks Feed Store Hot BBQ sauce - wife picked this stuff up at a recent buisness trip to Kentucky.



The End Results!




The flat came out nice and juicy great flavor. The burnt ends well the only way to explain them are Meat Candy!

Thanks for looking!

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Looks good. We have one going here as well I can't wait to sample it.

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Got to love that Meat Candy!! Looks real good.

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You sure that was your first full packer smoke??? LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!


That hot sauce on the BE's had to be a nice, my wife brought home a center cut (flat) last night...that was all they had, no packers...oh well, gonna have to settle for no BE's on that smoke.


Nice brisky burn, Riley!



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Two Words!!!!! MEAT.....CANDY!!!! Super A+ on the burnt ends! I can seriously almost taste them!!!!

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Mmmmm...Mmmmm, That sure looks mighty fine!

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Looks fabulous!

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looks great

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