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Those are some awesome lookin' Fatties! Got me wanting to make some now and I'm done for the day, Oh well maybe soon. Thanks Lugnutz!!

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After cooking and eating all day you have made my mouth water again.  Thanks.  I am out of bibs.  

I am thinking of a 'special' fattie if we have another throwdown.  But I am gonna have to step it up to beat you. 

Way to go.

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Thanks guys, glad I could make you drool!!


Mo that breakfast fattie you did looks pretty darn good to me.

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I have GOT TO try some of these fatties. Excellent work...

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Wow those look delicious!  ...and looks like a lotta fun to create!  I'll hafta try my hand at one soon.   Thanks for sharing!

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Kyle somewhere on here is the first fatties I ever tried. Sausage is my choice in meat and on the firsts I did cheese tators onion and jalepenos!  I could eat one of those every day

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Those fatties look fantastic!!! Thanks for the Qview!!!

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The All American Cookout Fattie sounds awesome.  I may have to give that one a shot sometime.  Great looking food!

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Originally Posted by OtownKyle View Post

I have GOT TO try some of these fatties. Excellent work...

Me too....maybe tomorrow.


Lugnutz:  is the bacon cheeseburger one the one made with hamburg instead of sausage?

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Great looking fatties, great variety of ingreadents.  Thanks for the Qview.



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