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Emergency Pulled Pork

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Last night I was invited over to some friend's house on Memorial Day. I thought I had some left over pulled pork in the freezer to make enough sandwiches, so offered to bring that. My offer was gladly accepted. So, I run to the freezer to get it out to thaw. Push, shove stuff out of the way. No pulled pork! So, I run to the store this morning, grab what's left, get it home and get them rubbed up. They'll have a few hours with the rub, then into the ECB. I'll post more Qview as it gets done.



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Oh boy get those baby's going. What time is your meal planned for? Hopefully you have time.

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Fortunately, noon tomorrow is the deadline. I'm smoking them this afternoon/evening, pulling tonight, serving tomorrow after the parade and service at the cemetery.

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Oh ok you have time then. I though you needed it done today.

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Shhh I also thoughtyou had to get them ready for today. I was gonna tell you about the hi temp smoking. But you will be fine and don't forget the Qview.

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