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I am making some bake beans on monday for memorial day and forgot to get my brisket marinating. so my question is has anybody just bought the meat and put some seasoning on it and put right into the smoker? I will be putting the meat right into a pot of BBQ sauce so should that make any difference? Input would be awesome! thanks everyone

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...has anybody just bought the meat and put some seasoning on it and put right into the smoker?

Happens all the time!  There's no rule on how this all goes.  Ask anyone here and they'll tell you that I'm a purist when it comes to beef, I let it come to room temperature and then hit it with Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper then throw it in the smoker!  


If you have a vacuum sealer you can still marinate the brisket for an hour or two and the vacuum will actually help to draw the marinade in to the meat quite well. 

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I've done the buttermilk or orange juice thing before when they were on sale. Other than that it's just salt, pepper and garlic on the outside. I did inject my last one but I didn't notice any difference in texture...

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I have on more than one occasion taken it right out of the package prepped it, seasoned it then put it into the smoker and it has come out just fine

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Yes I have rubbed my meat just before I put it on the smoker before and you will still get some good results. Now you could like Pete (pit4brains) said and inject it too. Now for your beans you can buy the meat for your beans but I would buy smoked meat if you can. If not the throw some on he grill and sear it and then it will get some more flavor on it then throw it in the beans. Now this is why meat have some in the freezer at all times maybe some pulled pork and some beef this ot that. Now that's what you need food saver and the freezer for.

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