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Store bought fresh keilbasa

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Can I buy fresh keilbasa and put it on in the smoker?I`m new so be kind lol.I tried on my 1st smoke with some chick breasts but the keilbasa turned black (rookie mistake).Any and all advice for what I need to do will be great.

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Of course you can throw that stuff on the smoker, it makes for some good eats!


Most of the commercial brand kielbasa is pre-cooked and just needs to be heated up in the oven (or however it's prepared) to eat. I'd smoke this until an internal temp hits 165 and then pull to enjoy.


**If someone else has a different temp recommendation, please throw that out there as I'm assuming 165 is good.

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Sure can just smoke at 225 or so until it reaches an internal of 160-165

To cold smoke sausage it needs to have had cure added and most store bought sausages do not have it

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Yes what they both said. You can buy some store bought sausages and smoke them hot and you will get some of the smokey flavor. But then you have to make your own sausage and that will be some of the best that you have ever had..........believe me we do.

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if it turned black then it sounds like you either cooked it too hot , too long or used too much smoke maybe? smoked at 225 or so i would think it would take around an hour and a half to reach 170 internal temp.

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Last week when I had some salmon in the smoker, I took a store bought Kielbasa, cut in to  1" pieces, rolled them in Smoke in the Holler, and let them smoke for an hour.  They got nice and crusty on the outside, and I ate them all before anyone else came home.

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