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Ribs Done?

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Greetings to all. This is my first post after lurking for months and I may be in a jam. I bought some spare ribs from well known butcher in Phoenix that raises his own pork and slices the ribs in his store while you wait. Any way I am three hours into a 3-2-1 and already I have a half inch of bone showing on one end which has always in the past indicated they are done. I cut them St Louis style. I don't want to lose them to dryness as they weren't cheap as fresh pork. Sorry not to do an intro first. Electric Gourmet with two different thermometers right at 250 at meat level the whole time. Any ideas? Thanks,


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when smoking pork it is 2-2-1 not 3-2-1. I would foil and maybe smoke at 1.5 then .5 , that may work

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Thanks RdKnB for your reply. But isn't 2-2-1 usually the babyback timing and longer for spares?

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With my smoker I do all my pork at 2-2-1 and beef at 3-2-1. 

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Thanks. I guess at 3 hrs it's not so unusal to have a quarter to half inch of bone showing.

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