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Folks I am pleased to announce that my girlfriend and wife for nearly 16 years, abigail4476 has joined the SMF moderator team. I have been on here almost 24x7 since we came online on Monday and I feel like we could use some extra help.


Abi has been a moderator on other forums for several years and is well versed in how to perform this job and is well trained on how to deal with smoke addicts


She will be a huge asset to the team I am pleased to have her aboard.


Please help me make her welcome.

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Welcome to SMF as you already know it is a great place

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Be gentle Abi

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This IS a great place, I'm happy to be here, and Gentility is my middle name.      Just ask Jeff...*looks around in vain for an emoticon with wings and a halo*  

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LOL, hey Piney, bet she gets paid!!

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Double salary, just like Jerry!!!!  Only for the Special People.  



Originally Posted by Flash View Post

LOL, hey Piney, bet she gets paid!!

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Abigail glad you joined us




Flash my pay is prolly twice what you get on that site you moderate on and I get to look at lots of good Qview  

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Nice to meet you Abigail, glad to have you around.



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Welcome to the team Abi! Happy to have you aboard!!

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Yay Abigail! Another chiclet! I'm new here, but loving it!

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Another great addition to the SMF Team! Glad to have Abi out there patrolling the site!

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Glad to have you Abigail.

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Abigail, we are glad to have you here

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It's very nice to have you here Abigail. Welcome with open arms.

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Congratulations and welcome Abi!



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welcome. 16 years? and hes still alive.

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Welcome and congrats Mrs, Boss!

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Welcome Abi !!!


OK Jeff, Now you better mind your Pints & Quarts.




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Welcome and Congratulations Abi!! Or should we refer to you as.....The Boss....LOL!!

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