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First smoke today

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A friend gave me a brand new GOSM about a month ago so last night I pulled out of the freezer a 1/2 wild turkey breast and 6 packs of bear burger and 1 pork sausage. The turkey is in a brine and I'm gonna smoke a couple meat loafs and some meat balls today.   I,ve never done any smoking before  so we'll see how it turns out.    Mike

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Good luck with the first some. Just make sure you don't apply too much smoke. You don't want the thick white smoke you want very thin blue smoke. If you can smell the smoke you are smoking and that's what you want.

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Cool, thanks alot, I just now put it all on and if it turns out as good as it smells before cooking it will be gooooood.  have a good1,   Mike

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meatloaf001.jpgWell I gotta say the first went pretty well, it took me about the first 30 min. to get the smoker all adjusted to get the temp. of 130 deg. on the door mounted gauge ( I checked it with a candy therm. and the stock one read a little off. ) After I got it adjusted it was good to go as it stayed within 5 deg. thru the entire process. I know how yall like pics. so I got some for you, the turkey turned out perfect but I think next time I'll pull the meatloaf @ 155 instead of 165 as it turned out a little dry but still a great flavor. Thanks to all the good info I've soaked up on this forum.  Her ya go.     Mike







   Well shoot, I did something wrong but the pics are there, maybe somebody smarter than me can put them up.  I got them to come up after messing around, just not in the right order.  Mike

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I don't know what happened either cause photobucket has done that to me before too. With this new program I hear that you can load pictures (Qview here) straight from your computer. So all you have to do is unload your camera into your computer and then just post them staight to this new thread that you are creating. Now that's waht I'm told too I haven't tried it yet. 

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I used photobucket also and found that I can no longer use the IMG CODE, this is the one that gives you the [img] [/img]


I think the 2nd code they give you is the one to use along with the photo button above the text box. Select IMAGE URL.


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Yea, I don't know, I did it the way I do on all the other forums I belong to.  Thanks,   Mike

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Try just posting straight from your camera or computer like Mark mentioned.

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I don,t know how to do that. I messed around and ended up using the direct link on photo bucket instead of the bottom one I usually use. Would you please tell me how to do it the way you're talking about, it's gotta be easier than the way I did it.   Thanks,   Mike

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