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Convince me on propane

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I want a new smoker, I have an Electric one now (ECB) and I want to get a cabinet style with a bit more to it. I am not going pure wood, as with 2 little ones I don't have the time. Is propane better than electric?


What's a good cheaper model?

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I wouldn't say that propane is better than electric. Sometimes a gas smoker can reach higher temps, and there is no worry if there is a power outage,and you don't have to worry about an extension cord. But, some members are very happy with electric smokers. I'm sure you're going to get more feedback on the question.

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propane smoker would be portable to anywhere you go.

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Some electrics only go to one temp, then adjustible by ambient conditions only. The longer the cord can also hold back the max temp the smoker can reach.

 I only have two types, charcoal and propane. I find I use the propane one 80% of the time.

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I love my gasser!  I had an electric unit and trying to keep the temp where it was supposed to be wasn't as easy as it should have been!  Even high dollar electric ovens have issues with their thermostats so you can imagine the variation with an electric smoker.  Since yours doesn't have a thermostat you have other issues in that you cannot add heat to compensate for a cool blast of air, or add some additional heat to almost sear the meat, etc. 


All of that I can do with my propane unit and, so far, the gas has been far cheaper than the charcoal though not at all as cheap as the electric! 


I got my Masterbuilt Gas Smokehouse for Christmas and am only on my fourth tank and I have done several long smokes to include a couple of briskets, some ribs and some butts. 


My electric never gave me a smoke ring like the gasser does.  Yes, you can add charcoal to get that ring but then you're increasing the cost of operation.


My electric had to stay near the house, my gasser can go with me.


At least you have, in my opinion, the least problematic of all the electric units out there since the element is big enough to truly do the job and there are no issues with thermostats, wiring and so on, truly a set and forget device.  Big problem with your unit is you cannot go down to real low temps for cold smoking fish or drying jerky.  All of this I can do with my propane unit.




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Well?  Did we convince you? 

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You sure did! GOSM from Basspro, doing my first pulled pork now




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Congrats! Looking GOOD!!  I wanna see some shots of the meat cut up!

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those butts look good

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Thanks! Being able to contorl the temp and keep it stable made these cook a little quicker than my ECB, sitting around 158 right now. Also that much meat would have been all I could cram into the old one, there's tons of room here!


Gonna throw some ribs on too. Should be putting them on round 11:30

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Congrats on the new smoker and the butts are looking great

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Yes that is a good investment for sure. Now you will learn to love that smoker very soon. Like right after you eat some of that food your making right there. Looks great to me.

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