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cherry coke beef ribs?!

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im thinkin sunday im goin to try soakin some beef spares in cherry coke over night then rub and smoke ... any one try this? sorry new if this has been done , the new lay out is cinfusin me a bit so i wasnt sure how to search. couldnt find the search box... im a lil tarded bwahahahahahaha just found the search box sorry guys

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Now I haven't tried it but there are some folks here that have and say it pretty good to. Now they will come and tell you how they have done it soon thou. I'm sure it is just for the sugar in the coke but as far as the cherry you have me. But then I would just rub them the night before and use some brown sugar in the rub and it should be about the same. My rub has a good amount of briwn sugar and old bay seasonings and I like it for now. I change alot so that's what I like right now.

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i usually do use brown sugar in my rub, but i have heard the acidity in coke with help soften the meat a bit. i changed my mind and went with pork so no need to reply. thx any way

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Good idea to go with pork ribs.  I've never met a beef rib that I've liked.

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i love beef ribs.......... just thought i would try somethin a bit different this time.

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Did you ever try this? I have done pork ribs this way, and they turn out fantastic. I know many folks use Dr. Pepper, but I have never liked it in drink form or otherwise. And I have gone so far as to use Mexican Coca-Cola and pureed maraschino cherries for the liquid. I soaked overnight, and used more for mopping. These ribs tend to be on the sweet side, almost candied, and need no bbq sauce.

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i dry rubbed mine overnight, basted and braised in Racer 5 with a splash of apple juice for 2 hours after 3 hr smokeIMG_2015.JPG

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