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What are we testing, Fish?

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pis from photobucket


any hints

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Yes.. Don't use the img code anymore..Use only the direct link..... Click on the "insert image" button on the reply box....You will then get a box come up that gives a choice of  browse computer or image url...... If u are useing photobucket select image url....Copy  " direct link" from photobucket and paste it in the import url line on the box....U can also just post the pictures straight from the pc if u have them on it....Just hit browse and find it on pc and hit open.Good luck....If that doesnt work for u let me know,There is a tutorial on here i can send u if need be.........

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I use photobucket too and I just use the old copy and paste thingy and it works so well for me.

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Looks like I am catching on .. thanks for the help folks

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