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Does MBA ring any bells?

American business, especially retail busness has been given over to a bunch of glorified bean counters otherwise known as MBAs. All MBAs know is how to sell stuff cheap and how to make the next quarter look decent. Beyond those bounds they are all at a complete and utter loss.  


Then you have to consider the very old and time tested phrase "you get what you pay for". Add bought for cheap and "you get what you pay for" and I think you have your answer.


And now you also know why there are no more decent hardware stores, why butcher shops are as scarse as hens teeth and decent meat is hard to find along with a lot of other stuff.

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I've been using RO for a while now and noticed I started getting very small pieces in the bag, even at the top.  I went to Walmart and they were out of RO, so I was forced to buy Cowboy.  The bag now says that is improved, for whatever that is worth.  I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality compared to RO.  The pieces were mostly mid to large sized and they burned much hotter and longer than the RO I have been getting lately.  As for popping, I use Kingsford Competition in the chimney and use it to start my lump in the offset fb.  As for now, I am not able to say Cowboy is a lesser product vs RO lump.

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I've been using RO for several years and I think it's great. I start my offset with about a 1/2 basket of RO lump. I start the lump with 1/2-2/3 chimney of RO briqs. I use a Weber cube to start the chimney and usually it's ready in about 20-30 minutes. I dump it into a valley in the lump and then pull some of the lump on top. When the lump has given me a good bed of coals, I switch over to splits for the rest of the cook.

I don't get any sparks as all of the lump is in my FB.
The lump gives a great bed of coals for the splits.
The lump lasts a long time which helps to support the splits.
I really like the way the lump works for me.
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Grabbed a bag of cowboy lump last time I was at lowes. Did a batch of ribs on the uds. The meat had a different taste than when using kbb. I don't go to walmart very often but I might have to get a bag of royal oak and give it a try. So far pleased with the cowboy brand. Although it was only 1 cook. Got a batch of pulled pork going now with a mix of lump and kbb to finish off the bags. Hope it turns out good.
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I like Lump, Even thought it pops & crackles   But I don't use much charcoal anymore, If I fire up the ECB to grill steaks or just starting my smoker. Right now I am using Kingsford Blue that I got on sale.  To me for grilling the lump imparts a better flavor


But it's exciting.  I can remember the very first time I used lump, Scared the crap out of me wasn't expecting all the fireworks



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Check for torn or ripped bags of RO at Lowes or Home Depot. I take them to the service counter and ask for 50% off. Most will give the discount, and a roll of tape, without question. Most torn/ripped bags may have lost less than a few chunks. This way. they're on sale year round. 241.png

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