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red beans & rice finished q view

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The recipe came out fine. Tasted real good, had some hocks & shoulder bones too. Good way to use shoulder bones.

Next time I will try the chicken broth. I did forget the corn bread too but we really don't eat much. I give a lot of food away.

Thanks again and sorry about the recipe fiasco. The hardest thing to pay is to pay attention. I will do better!


Picture 005.jpgPicture 006.jpgPicture 007.jpg

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looks pretty good. was this your first attempt?

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Looks really good.  Keep the q-view coming.

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I'd have a plate or two, that looks great.

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Now that look fabulous there Chainsaw. That's your first time making red beans and rice. You made it look easy. 

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Thats looks good!!

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Yumm! I love red beans and rice! great pictures too, thanks for sharing!

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