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ECB Smoke-N-Grll (round) Mods

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It's a nice day here, I took the day off for a four day memorial weekend. I figured it was the perfect time to do some mods to my new, old ECB that I found in the shed last week. All in all, I put the legs on the outside, allowing me to put legs on the fire pan. This will let me lift the smoker to add/change charcoal without lifting the lid and removing the meat. I also added some 1/4" holes in the fire pan to increase air flow. There's not a lot, I can add more if I need to. I also added a higher quality thermometer in the lid. I thought about adding one at the lower grate, but am holding off on that for now.


Here's the victim, err...  volunteer... before mods.




The pieces and parts, all stainless steel. I cut the threaded rod at work. Not shown here is the thermometer, but it's in the last photo.




The assembled tools. Not shown, the leather gloves I decided to wear handling the hot metal and while drilling.




First, I set the fire pan inside and marked where the legs would go. Instead of measuring, I just marked where the legs of the smoker were and drilled my holes there.




The legs have been moved to the outside.




The completed fire pan. The threaded rod is 1/4-20 and cut to 10 inches. I threaded the holes so the rod would be held in place while I adjusted the nuts. On top and bottom are a flat washer, lock washer and nut.




The barrel placed over the fire pan.




The water pan and grates in place.




The completed smoker with the new thermometer added to the lid. I drilled a 7/8" hole for the mounting.




I'm thinking about adding vents to the top of the lid. I have an old grill that has a sloped lid like the ECB and I think the curvature of that vent cover would fit this perfectly. I want to do a test burn and smoke in it before doing that.


I read all the horror stories about how long it takes to upload photos, etc., so I haven't started the first burn and seasoning, yet. That will come as soon as I post this and make sure it worked. Just sitting in the sun, the thermometer is over 100 degrees.


Thanx for checking out my new, old ECB!

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Looks and sounds great!  I think I'll do the same to my ECB (retired to camping use now that I have a SFB).  I need a new fire pan, though -- mine's pretty burned out.

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I did the same thing too mine pretty much. You might look at adding more vent holes in the pan. I added 4 sets of 4 (1/4) around the bottom so mine would come up to temp. I also added some under the bottom.


You can always plug them off with magnets if you need too.


I also added a seal around the lid and popped in a vent on TOP. I might have went a lil overboard though LMAO!!


My .02

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Where did you get that grate that is in your firepan? I got one something like a Weber 18.5 or something grate, and it is way to big. Yours looks like the perfect size.

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The grate in the firepan came from the firepan of a 15 inch Weber that I rarely used. I would like something just a bit bigger, but this has worked great. I have a bigger grill, so the Weber got to donate to the smoker.

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Thanks 5lakes. Off to get a 15in or so grate will work alot better then the 18.5

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The grate itself is about 10 1/2 inches round. The grill is 15" and the grate was from it's fire pan.

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